lobster on a Sunday



It started snowing while we were in the greengrocer today. We are still so enamoured with the snow here, much to the amusement of the locals. I was looking up beyond the cauliflowers when I noticed the flakes falling through the window, and called out to J, standing at the other end of the store, picking out clementines, “kyk, Johannes, dit sneeu!” (look, Johannes, snow!), and people looked up, unaccustomed to the Afrikaans and the outside voice, and the genuine joy at what was falling from the sky. Our excitement extended to the winter vegetables, too, and we struggled to carry everything home. Cauliflower, for roasting and then covering in shaved parmesan, Brussels sprouts for tossing in a dressing of fish sauce, sugar, and mint, ginger and carrot and shallots so we can try out this dressing, beetroot to roast with cardamom, cumin and coriander, and eat with goat’s cheese.

Later in Chinatown we stumbled upon three (!) small lobsters sold at $4/lb, in an end-of-the-day clearance of the fish counter. So we are having lobster on this Sunday night, with seeded sourdough from the bakery around the corner from the Chinese supermarket, and garlic and herb butter for dipping the lobster flesh. Outside the frame, every conceivable surface around the table has been draped with yards of fabric brought back from home, drying from just being washed, soon ready to be sewn with.





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