Sometimes it feels as if I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking of ways not to eat bread for breakfast. And the fact that I just wrote that line makes me sad on so many levels.

Anyway. Over the last while we’ve had steel-cut oats with braised cherries (affordable frozen cherries are one of the most exciting things about shopping in Canada). I usually braise cherries (or rhubarb, when in season) in orange juice, on the stove if we’re talking cherries, in the oven if it’s rhubarb.




Another day I roasted broccoli in a very hot oven, topped with some lemon juice, zest and parmesan, and topped with a fried egg (there is a club where people consider anything topped with a fried egg a meal, and I now belong to that club.)

And then we’ve been having gravlax with scrambled eggs. (And toast. Fuck that shit. I love bread.)




If you’re looking for non-bready breakfasts, read this piece by Mark Bittman in the New York Times. (Although I can for the life of me not see myself making risotto for breakfast. Enough already.)



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