Plans for this weekend include having a drink at Bar Begonia in the Annex, spending a day finishing my Ginger skirt and making headway on my Cabin shift dress at The Workroom, and having a waffle brunch at the home of some friends. And reading! I’m currently stuck into Attica Locke’s Pleasantville, and dipping in and out of the delightful Oxford Companion to Sugar and Sweets.

But I’ll leave you with a list of good things to watch, read or listen for the next few days –

Watch The New Rijksmuseum, a documentary by Oeke Hoogendijk, which chronicles the painful renovation process of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I especially love the parts of the film that deal with the ferocious fietsersbond (the cycling union), and the mere fact that a union for cyclists is something that exists makes my heart weep with joy for the beauty of the Dutch. Also, getting to see how an institution like the Rijksmuseum stores the hundreds of thousands of pieces in its collection is astounding.

Read Ariel Levy’s devastating Thanksgiving in Mongolia. This is one of those pieces of which it is better to know nothing about beforehand, so I’ll leave it at that.

Listen to the episode Ask Leah from the now-defunct TLDR podcast, about a young woman who, quite by accident, became the giver of advice to geeky teenage boys in the early days of the Internet, on the gaming website IGN. This podcast reminded me how the best part of being an adult is that I never have to be any of the ages between fourteen and twenty-one again.

Read this article on the preppers of Pinterest, about one of the best intersections to come out of the Internet, and –

Watch this delightful compilation of advertisements on douching.


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