good things to eat in Toronto: Sud Forno’s bombolone



There’s very little that’s not good at Sud Forno. If you’re there for lunch have a slice of pizza (if there’s one with ‘nduja, the spicy Italian sausage soft enough to spread, have that), if you need bread grab a loaf, or if you’re sad, have a drink. Once we were so sad about a fucked-up visa situation that we walked all the way there from our house, about 40 minutes by foot, because at that point it felt like the only thing that would make us feel better was to sit in their window and look onto Queen Street West and drink Campari and soda.

Anyway. The bomboloni. Get the one with Nutella. They come in two sizes, small and large, and you should get the large one. (I’m writing this post while listening to a PhD student and her supervisor discussing one of her chapters, and I feel so sorry for this poor woman I might just buy her a drink before I leave. Or maybe some bomboloni. Spiked with bourbon. And heroin.)



Sud Forno 716 Queen Street West



cherry Dutch baby




In my ideal life I get to bake something for breakfast a couple of times a week. Right now I’m not living my ideal life. But I did get to bake this cherry Dutch baby a few weekends ago, on the coldest day of the year thus far, when we stayed inside and just looked at the frost forming in-between the two panes of our double-glazed windows. This is not a recipe that changed my life. But it was ridiculously pretty, and very easy to make, and we topped it with chopped toasted walnuts and ate large wedges of it on the couch. I’m not always sure whether I should lament the ways in which I’ve become less ambitious as I’ve grown older, or to just embrace the goal of a life where baking for breakfast is an absolutely meaningful thing for me to do.