buttermilk scones



After all my lamenting this week it does seem as if spring has finally arrived, and I am exuberant. The apartment is filled with flowers and I was afraid our libraries would strike and I wouldn’t get access to books, so I stockpiled like a motherfucker and now there are so many great things waiting to be read that the thought of it makes me want to hyperventilate. I also baked some buttermilk scones, my first attempt at replicating what I had at Kitten and the Bear. These are from Rachel Allen’s recipe, which I originally found in the Guardian. They were pleasant, but I slightly overworked the dough, making them not as light as they should be, and although their flavour wasn’t bad, they certainly didn’t have the depth of flavour of their Parkdale ilk. So we march on.

(Also pictured: lovely European cherry jam sold by two elderly German ladies who own a gift shop on Roncesvalles. If you’re ever in the area, go in and speak to them. They’re fabulous.)




2 thoughts on “buttermilk scones

  1. Ek kan ook sommer vir jou Peter Reinhart se skonsresep in Crust and Crumb uitskakel. Nadat ek die suiker halveer het, was dit nog steeds soeter as enige skons wat ek al ooit geëet het. My fok. Die ratio meel tot suiker is 2:1 in sy resep! (En dit was nie my enigste probleem met die resep nie, maar hey, ek vergewe hom want al sy ander resepte werk fantasties.)


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