It’s always awkward returning to a blog after you’ve been gone for a while. You’d think that after having blogged for ten years I’d have that figured out by now, but here we are.


I won’t bore you with the details of my absence, except to say that after a three year hiatus I am teaching my own course again, and it is absolutely wonderful and absolutely exhausting, and everything else has taken a backseat in the meantime. There’s also this quote from Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts that pretty much exemplifies my joy right now:



We’ve been eating our way through the new summer produce. A lot of asparagus, a lot of zucchini (which I’m increasingly considering as a pretty pointless vegetable), and a quart of strawberries a day. And others have been cooking for me – last weekend my new friend Tess served us maple breakfast sausages and fleshly baked corn bread studded with blueberries for brunch, and last night Jihee grilled Korean short ribs and served them with scallion pancakes and a kimchi stirfry, and it finally feels as if we have a community in this city. That counts.



More on what we’ve been cooking, soon. (In the meantime, brighten up your day with this.)



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